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Meet the Team: here for you

Decades of experience and the many achievements by our impressive team, set us apart.  But where we excel is in our attitude.  It’s not just the passion for what we do, but our shared determination to make a real difference for our clients, and always deliver value.


Managing Director

Hello, I'm Steve! I wear a few hats in the business, getting stuck into client projects when necessary, and managing everything else when not! In addition to website development and IT systems, I manage our hosting requirements. Despite many years experience and qualifications in software testing, digital design/development, and system administration, I relish the unpredictability of new requirements and the challenge of delivering a quality product for our clients - backed by the expertise of our amazing team!


Senior Visual Designer

With a number of years' experience under my belt, together with varied agency experience and a rigorous focus on corporate identity, I'm Uniqu's "go-to" for all things brand! Whether working on brochures, advertising, promotion, events/exhibitions, digital or web design, I work closely with the client to provide creative and effective results that always answer the brief.


Senior Web Developer

My role is to build websites that are functional, scalable and manageable. Using WordPress as the core platform, I routinely delve into PHP, JavaScript and CSS (plus their associated frameworks), either developing new functionality, or in some cases resolving issues that we inherit from third parties.


Financial Controller

Whilst the rest of the team works on clients projects, I take care of the "back end" of the business - managing our finances, capacity planning, forecasting and the other activities that typically fill an accountant/bookkeeper's day. I also oversee compliance with regulatory and standards bodies, ensuring we stay at the top of our game!

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