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Ensuring reliability and business continuity

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Business continuity and information assurance are key issues in the modern information-driven organisation.  Being able to operate your business “whatever the weather”, and always having access to information you know to be correct, will increasingly matter as information warfare will encroach into the corporate space.

What can you do about this?

the first step toward IT happiness

System management

Having systems configured and installed is the first step toward IT happiness.  Yes, we’d argue there is such a thing!  The next step is to ensure your systems are looked after, for the time they are expected to provide flawless service.

Uniqu provides a range of system management programmes that suit your working requirements, access restrictions and the criticality of your data.  Planned upgrades are coordinated with key activity stakeholders, to ensure any impact to services is minimised, and preferably avoided if possible.

Performance and scalability

When software products, platforms and systems are designed, performance should always be a key consideration.  For example, a designer/developer might ask:

  • What happens if resource X isn’t available?
  • What is an acceptable response time in a heavy-load situation?
  • What if resource constraints mean we can’t process a user interaction within a reasonable time frame?
  • What is the performance ceiling for user registrations on our site?

There is a vast number of performance considerations when designing an app or service to scale.  Let us steer you through.

Utilisation monitoring and reporting

A functional system doesn’t always mean a healthy system.  Monitoring the state of the system allows us to recognise patterns in usage and performance traits.  Using this information can guide one to an understanding of utilisation, usage patterns, and how user behaviour influencing could help mitigate additional resource allocation.

understand utilisation

Planning and provisioning

With the best will in the world, there will come a time when requirements upon your website, app or service will exceed your expectations.  In the words of the successful, it’s a good problem to have.  But it can remain a problem, unless anticipated and overcome, with careful provisioning.

Make your information technology stretch further, and surprise rather than frustrate.  Contact us to discuss your ideas.


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