Allocating resources where & when needed

Planning & provisioning, for perfect performance


Hardware planning and provisioning is the most obvious contender in this area, but often is the last item to change.  The reason is obvious: dependence on availability.  A slow-but-available system is better than no system at all!

This is why, as a matter of routine, we operate all systems, including those we manage, with ample capacity for future growth.  This “over provisioning”, although seen initially as harbouring unnecessary cost, actually leads to more flexibility with routine provisioning and the added advantage of providing useful workarounds to performance and capacity issues.

This practice allows a potentially significant cost-saving, because wasted users’ time is kept to a minimum while IT services are reorganised in the background.  The utilisation of virtualised hardware is a key strategic asset in this scenario.

Our hardware planning and provisioning incorporates virtualisation as standard.  But in addition to this, our practice of virtualisation allows a unique and safe approach to hardware migration, providing for information security, service continuity and redundancy.


Software services include planning, configuration and deployment are available for your organisation.  We will take your requirements and can provide an unbiased, tailored recommendation to you following a short consultation.

Included in software provisioning is monitoring of product development lifecycles, best practice methods for configuration, strategies for resilience and upgrade path planning for eventual equipment replacement.


Network planning and provisioning requires the capturing network requirements – both functional and performance – and creating a network plan that delivers in the key areas.

Aspects for consideration and configuration, can include:

  • application-layer services
  • network services
  • traffic shaping
  • routing
  • bandwidth allocation

Switching and routing of course play a key role in modern networking, and the choice of switch alone can have a significant effect on the overall network performance.  Cabling and cable junctions are also key in network performance.


Although seemingly mundane, the correct handling of storage and archival systems is of great importance, not only for compliance and security, but also for business continuity and (of course) data recovery.

Despite the advent of SSD storage, magnetic-based near-line and archival storage places key demands on an organisation.  Depending on your organisation’s appetite for information management, on-site or off-site data back-up methods both have advantages and disadvantages.  Often, an organisation will choose some of both, to spread risk.

We can offer guidance regarding back-up and recovery strategies, that align with your compliance and continuity goals.

Contact us to discuss your provisioning requirements.  We can provide a tailored program that minimises your cost outlay and provides peace of mind, should the worst happen.

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