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Managing Social Media

It’s considered “a given” that social media should form part of your business marketing strategy.

Let’s discuss that.

The slow backlash against conventional platforms

In some people’s minds, social media has come to mean simply Facebook and Twitter, with the mention of the latter sometimes augmented with “but”…  However, the primary function of social media platforms has gradually shifted from simply being a place to meet “friends”, to a place that profiles every minor detail of your life in order to display highly relevant adverts.

One issue with this is that the price paid for this functionality is too high.  It has been revealed in the media time and again that Facebook listens to all your conversations via the microphone in your mobile device, has surreptitiously uploaded all your contacts (esp. on Android) into its database, tracks your activity across the web – wherever its ‘Like’ buttons appear, and so on.

So important is your private data to this advertising giant, that it will stop at nothing to make its platform as addictive as possible.

Moving to other services

Fortunately, the big four (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn) have little control in the new dimension of Federated Social Networks.  Federated social networks represent the new way to do things, and they are growing at a phenomenal rate.  You can see a non-exhaustive list of federated social networks at

But what does all this mean?!

First, some definitition:

  • A federation is a group of independent entities that have autonomy, but central connectivity.
  • A social network (or social media platform) is a website that provide discussion, media sharing, chat facilities and so on.

Thus … a federated social network provides the means for people to connect with each other, and share photos, etc, but to do so across many websites – not just one.

Running your social media platform independently

The prospect of running your own social network may seem laughable, but systems have advanced significantly, allowing the average user to become a full node administrator with relative ease.  The support network for each major type of network is also impressive.  People in developed countries are starting to gain employment through the support of independent social media platforms, and this rise will continue.

By familiarising yourself with the new terminology, and adopting use of this new communication mechanism within your organisation, new means of collaboration and opportunities to explore will unfold, unleashing a new era in creative co-working and project management.

Take advantage of the liberating opportunities in federated social media.  Contact us to discuss how running your own network can empower your users and protect their freedom.


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