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Groupware for dynamic teams

Groupware describes a system that facilitates group-based activities, such as file-sharing, group calendaring, task management and discussion.

The good news is that robust systems providing this functionality are now available, with the added benefit of being federated cloud-ready.

Manage project media

Managing project-related media is a cinch with systems such as ownCloud and Nextcloud.  Along with the provision of robust desktop and mobile clients, the web interface is also compelling enough to use without any thought.  In many ways, it’s the open-source equivalent of Sharepoint, Slack, Google Photos and Dropbox, all rolled up into one neat package.

Take Your Calendars and Tasks with you

By supporting open standards, Nextcloud & ownCloud Groupware also provides good interfaces to calendars and tasks, vastly simplifying connectivity with Android and iOS.

The CalDAV and iCal standards are also supported across a wide range of “office”-style productivity software on Windows, Mac and Linux, allowing seamless operation straight from a desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

Federated File Sharing

Nextcloud and ownCloud come with the ability to federate your files across the web.  In practice, this means sharing a folder with a remote user – that is, a user who is registered on their own Nextcloud instance, is as effortless as entering that user’s cloud ID (like an email address) and hitting Enter.

Open Source Groupware takes up the reins where CRM left a few years ago.  While there is still a strong need for CRM in organisations, in practice much of the activity in a CRM system is rarely reviewed; by contrast, it is added to frequently by its users.

Open Source Groupware like Nextcloud optimises the process of adding content and sharing it; arguably the most vital aspects of collaboration today.

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