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Faster access to key resources

Hyper-speed connectivity

With the advent of fibre broadband connections, awareness has increased as to the speed of network connections and the benefits more speed brings.

Greater advantages can be achieved still, by keeping key resources local to your workforce.

Waaaaay faster than broadband

High-latency transactions such as social networking websites, file transfers, and checking code in to, or out of, software repositories, can all be achieved at greater speed if handled locally instead of on the internet.  It may not be fashionable, but of course it makes sense.

For example, a 1 Gigabit/second local area connection can move data at up to 120 Megabytes per second.  A typical fibre broadband connection, at optimum speed of 76 megabits/second down and 19 megabits/second up, can only download data at approximately 9.5 megabytes/second, and upload at 2.4 megabytes/second.

With a modern server, 50 users could simultaneously enjoy faster speed than one user on a broadband link.

Social Networking – locally?!

Well, you’re right: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn … they’re all online only.  That is correct.  But in your workplace, where you may need social networking but not necessarily those social networking platforms, you have other choices!

The Free Software universe has created a myriad of alternative options for you to consider, which can all be run internally on your local network, or in a DMZ (demilitarised zone) on your network, assuring you full network speed while at the same time still being accessible online too.

Federated network services are the future of social networks and collaborative working.

Optimising the delivery of network services

When compared to a broadband connection, local area networks are orders of magnitude faster.  They can be put to use to optimise the usage of your broadband connection, ensuring its link is never saturated.

How can this be achieved?  Here are a few examples:

  • Store email at the perimeter of your local network, in the DMZ
  • Use Groupware services also at the perimeter
  • Sync machines centrally to a server that backs up data remotely overnight
  • Operate a web proxy
  • Use a local, caching DNS server
  • Maintain a downloads repository
  • Physically limit client port speed on your switch to an appropriate level (100Mb/s, 1Gb/s, etc)

Taking steps like this can optimise your network traffic, ensuring capacity is available and always used well.  It also ensures that bandwidth-heavy services such as online video have sufficient bandwidth for good quality and low-latency.

Discuss your operational requirements with us, to optimise your network and server resources.  Contact us today!

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