Office Servers

Harness the speed of your local network

When speed matters, invest internally

While the “cloud” offers various benefits for collaboration, mainly between remote workforces, the advantage of an internal server for the office environment is undisputed.

Linux enables a real ROI

A Linux server in your organisation can deliver significant cost savings over the course of its deployment.

ServerLinuxWindows 2016
Software(pricing calculated June 2018)
Operating System£0$501 (c. £375.54)
- LimitsNoneUp to 2 CPUs
Up to 25 users/50 devices
- RestrictionsNoneProcessor-based licensing
Upgrade costs£0To Windows Server Standard:
$881 (£660)
- RestrictionsNoneUp to 2 CPU/16 core server at this level
Growth of business, 25 to 35 users (10 user upgrade)£0$30/device or $38/user, so $380 for 10 more users (£284)
Antivirus, e.g. Avast Business Pro, 1 year, 35 usersn/a£33.49/user/year == £1172.15/year
TOTAL£0£2491.69, of which £1172.15 would renew annually

Secure, Unlimited Open Source Software

Not only is Linux the better option for cost-effectiveness, it is arguably more configurable, less demanding on resources, built for stability and maintainability, and not built as a commercial pathway for volume licence enforcement!

Beyond cost, Linux also provides the scope to support heterogeneous environments (Windows, Mac and Linux), allowing creative teams and administrative business functions to work smoothly together.

Services provided internally, or as part of an internal/external solution, include:

  • Email services
  • File storage
  • Groupware (document collaboration, calendaring, task management, contact databases, etc)
  • Web services
  • Chat (e.g. IRC, XMPP)
  • and much more!

Open source software rules the internet for good reason.  It’s the implementation of standards defined and refined many times over; standards which define how services should interoperate.

To protect your data, use Linux.  After all, the cloud relies on it.

Secure, Reliable Backups

Additional security benefits of keeping your data behind closed doors are backups.  Why is this?  Because a backup strategy may make a few requirements of your IT administrator:

  • Backups should be made regularly (e.g. daily/weekly)
  • Restorations should be tested periodically (weekly/monthly)
  • Backup data should be electronically protected – e.g. encrypted
  • If being sent to a remote location, the only method of electronic transmission should be encrypted
  • If being physically transferred off-site, data must be encrypted at source, before transit
  • Backup media must be procured, managed, rotated and eventually destroyed – all while retention periods are observed.

It is therefore advantageous to an organisation to have absolute control over its backup process.

We can take care of this requirement for you, ensuring you meet regulatory and corporate compliance mandates, cost-effectively and securely.

To discuss how to reduce the cost of your internal systems and while enjoying highly reliable services, please enquire here.

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