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Please visit these links if you are looking for terms related to use of this web site, or of e-mail sent from uniqu.uk!


Our Terms of Business are arranged in seven parts. Our core terms are:

In addition, for customers using any hosting services, the following terms also apply:

Unless the customer uses no hosting service with us, in which case the Introduction, Definitions and Billing Terms and Conditions may only apply, then without exception, the combination of all five parts constitutes the set of terms which the customer accepts upon using, or continuing to use, one or more services with Uniqu Ltd, subject to the service(s) used.

The customer accepts that the scope of support offered by Uniqu Ltd may vary depending on the service(s) that the customer uses.

The customer accepts that Uniqu Ltd may change the terms of business as and when required and it is the customer’s responsibility to review the most current terms of business which will be accessible via the web, at https://uniqu.uk/terms

Use of any of Uniqu Ltd’s services by customers shall be deemed as conclusive evidence of acceptance of these terms of business by the customer and the customer agrees that these terms shall override any terms of purchase from or referred to by the customer.

It is our intention to provide terms of business that are clearly written and simple to understand. If you feel that an aspect of these terms needs clarification or if you would like to contact us in relation to our terms, business or approach to customer relationships, we would love to hear from you, via feedback@uniqu.uk or our contact form here. Thank you.

Last updated 27 June 2018

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