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In the realm of digital creativity, one constant is that creative teams never stand still.   Often, they need to be assembled to fit the requirement, necessitating sub-contracting work to other agencies, freelancers and so on.

As a digital agency and as a partner to digital agencies, we embrace this reality.  The new working paradigm of the twenty-first century is about how well you can assemble dynamic, creative teams – not just who “owns” the client relationship.

As such, we reserve the right to publish and promote our input into creative digital works, whether or not we are the primary contact for the client.  By engaging Uniqu in a sub-contracting, freelance or other third-party capacity to facilitate delivery of your creative project, you accept this term unconditionally.  You also accept that we may, at our discretion, cite our relationship with you in the capacity of any joint creative work where it benefits both parties to do so.  You accept that we do not require your permission prior to such publication.  However, we will always endeavour to seek your goodwill and cooperation in the endeavour, as we value partnerships and want to maximise them.

Should you be engaged by Uniqu in any contract or subcontract capacity to provide input into creative digital works for our clients, you must first seek our permission to produce marketing collateral or publish any campaign, via any method (including but not limited to social network, video, web site and print media).

If you have any questions relating to these or any other terms, please contact

Last updated 27 October 2017

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