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Guidelines for your use of hosting services

1. Supported Network Services & Usage

a) Hosting services are provided wholly and exclusively using the CentOS and Debian GNU/Linux operating systems.  No other operating systems are supported.

b) Excluding legacy installations, we only supply and support hosting and virtual server accounts with Virtualmin.  Other control panel systems are not provided or supported, unless by separate agreement between Uniqu and the customer.  The customer is free to install their own or a third-party control panel, or request that a virtual server does not have any panel installed, provided we are notified before an order is placed.

c) Supported critical network services are: web site serving (Apache), database (MySQL) e-mail (Postfix) and file transfer (FTP/SFTP).  Any additional network services which are provided are not considered critical in the case of a support request. Such non-critical network services include (but are not limited to): Logging, SSL configuration, DNS, NTP, DAV, e-mail spam management and e-mail virus detection.

d) Virtual server accounts only: Various network services and other aspects of virtual server systems are monitored remotely, including (but not limited to): Apache, Postfix, Disk usage, Memory Usage, Process count and Network traffic.  The customer is required at all times to allow the monitoring of these and any other services on their virtual server, as deemed appropriate by Uniqu Ltd.

e) Services are supplied and supported at all times, subject to:

  1. the customer account being not in arrears in relation to the specific service;
  2. the exception that if any abuse of those services is detected, the service may be immediately disconnected, temporarily halted or otherwise stopped as necessary, to ensure the continued operation of services across the Uniqu network;
  3. the package level selected by the customer.

f) Only critical network services as detailed in this section will be supported out of hours. All services supplied are supported in working hours.

2. Legal compliance

a) In your use of any service, or with any use of the supplied services which you permit, you agree to be bound by the limitations and statutes of UK & EU law.

b) You indemnify Uniqu Ltd against any and all responsibility and agree to meet any cost incurred as a result of your contravention of UK & EU law, during or as a result of your use of services supplied by us.

3. Responsibility

a) You are wholly responsible for all activity conducted on any service, and will ensure that anyone to whom access is granted will not breach any of our terms of business.

b) The customer agrees by subscribing to a service, that the customer will fully indemnify us against any claims for loss or damage by any third party in respect of activities conducted on any service under the customer’s control.

4. Ethical usage (consideration to other users, network traffic, avoiding network abuse)

a) The customer may not use any service for the hosting or promotion of any software or services designed for network abuse.

b) The customer may not use, or permit the use of, any service for network abuse, including (but not limited to) the bulk sending of any kind of unsolicited network traffic, such as e-mail, ICQ/AIM/MSN messages or newsgroup postings.

c) The customer is not permitted to run IRC relay software, peer-to-peer clients or network nodes, or newsgroup (usenet) servers on the services provided.

d) The customer acknowledges that their use of any service could affect some other customers, and must agree to terminate, at Uniqu’s request, any activities which we deem to be degrading to the service that Uniqu provides its other customers.  If the customer does not comply with our request to terminate such activity, we reserve the right to take appropriate action as necessary.

e) The customer guarantees that material of an objectionable nature (including, but not limited to, material that is pornographic, obscene, grossly offensive, hate-speech, threats made against any person or organisation, warez, malware, stolen data, pirated software) shall not be hosted on, or transferred via,  Uniqu’s systems and network.  The customer indemnifies Uniqu against any action taken where such data may be found and fully accepts that the storage or transfer of such material breaches these terms of use.

5. Allowances

a) You are allocated a fixed amount of disk space and monthly data transfer allowance (and, for Virtual Server accounts, a number of CPU cores).

b) We accept that you may, occasionally, exceed your monthly data transfer allowance.  You accept that exceeding the allowance 3 months consecutively will require either an upgrade of your allowance to the next package level, or for a new allocation to be made on your account and billed for appropriately.  We reserve the right to automatically invoice for the upgrade or new allocation to any shared hosting or virtual server account, without prior consultation with you.  Customers are obligated under this agreement to pay for the increase in usage, regardless of being subject to an initial contract period.

c) You accept that web server software which you install on the hosting service(s) provided (including, but not limited to, scripts written in PHP, Perl, Python, Bash and JavaScript – or any combination thereof, whether written by yourself or supplied by a third-party) may require more computing resources than you have anticipated.  In such a situation, we reserve the right to suspend services that may be causing abnormally high disk activity (“thrashing”) or  which constantly have a CPU load of 1 (100%) or higher.  Where such an action is taken, Uniqu is under no obligation to offer service credits, or provide refunds or compensation for downtime.

d) We will do our utmost to forewarn all customers of potential issues which their web software may be causing.  We will also endeavour to warn customers when we experience technical issues which could be adversely affecting services, but this is done so on a “best endeavours” basis for which we are not liable if not supplying a warning before any system issue occurs which causes degraded performance.

e) We will always attempt to warn customers who may have inadvertently breached the AUP and offer advice, where possible, for remedying this.  Where we suspect deliberate contravention of the AUP or any other service terms, or where severe network abuse is involved, your services may be terminated without warning.

Last updated 05 June 2013

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