How to manage your account

Managing your account with us

When you engage Uniqu to deliver work, we will (with very few exceptions) initially provide a price estimate to you of the scoped work, normally in PDF format.

By instructing us to proceed with development and delivery of that work, and where no query has been received from you relating to our price estimate and scope of work, this is deemed as absolute agreement by you to that cost.  We additionally reserve the right to charge more, or less, based on any instructions received, and the actual time taken to design, develop, test, deploy and support your solution (outside of any additional commercial agreements between us which may also cover support activities).

In addition, some estimates may contain a “call-off” element, meaning that if you instruct us to make changes followingcompletion and sign-off of the original work, you have pre-authorised us to make those subsequent changes at additional cost to yourself.  Normally, call-off time is limited to one working day (8 hours), upon the exhaustion of which you are notified and a further agreement between us reached.  All call-off time used will be billed at the stated rate.

Uniqu delivers an invoice, in PDF format by email, to customers for each service provided or, for cloud and hosting accounts, for each service period in advance of the commencement of that service period. Unless otherwise stated on the invoice, Uniqu expects the customer to fully pay the invoice within 14 days. The same payment timeframe is expected for invoices which do not include a service period (i.e. where the invoice only covers labour for tasks undertaken on your behalf, or for another, non-hosting service product).

For hosting services, invoices are generated automatically every month / quarter / year – as applicable to the service used by the customer.  We will endeavour to notify you that an invoice is outstanding before and after the payment due period.

We may cut off or restrict access to services without warning in the following situations which the customer should take special care to avoid:

  1. if the customer does not pay an invoice on time
  2. if the customer’s email address bounces critical messages from Uniqu, or is otherwise malfunctioning (particularly if it is marking Uniqu’s emails as spam)
  3. if the customer’s billing contact email mailbox(es) are set to filter email from such that invoices, reminders and receipts are not immediately visible to the customer’s billing contact in charge of settling their account.
  4. if, after review and at Uniqu’s ultimate discretion, it is determined that a hosting service is causing disruption or is in any way interacting harmfully with other networks

We will generally attempt to warn customers in advance of cancelling, restricting or otherwise disconnecting customers’ services, but the customer must be aware that it is their responsibility to avoid these situations, and we will not take responsibility for the consequences of acting in the above situations.

Customers should expect to receive an emailed receipt for every payment they have made, and are strongly advised to contact Uniqu via if they do not receive a receipt for a payment that they have made within 14 days of making payment.

It is recommended that customers monitor the data transferred by the services operating on their account. Customers must pay for any excess fees due as a result of exceeding their package limits.  Uniqu is not obligated to, but will endeavour to notify customers in the event of excess fees becoming due and may, if no suitable arrangements have been made in advance, restrict or limit the bandwidth available to a hosting account or virtual server service if the customer has not signalled their expectation of excess data transfer fees.  Uniqu does not guarantee any limit of liability, and customers must be prepared to pay for the full volume of traffic from their hosting or virtual server services.

Network services provided by Uniqu adhere to RFC specifications and industry best practices.  Support via all channels for services provided is specified by which package(s) the customer has purchased.  Where the customer accesses hosting or virtual server services via a third party’s system (e.g. a proxy, web-based email client, cloud services) or software (desktop clients, mobile clients, etc) and requires personal technical support from Uniqu, the customer accepts that the time required to provide support is chargeable at the standard support rate, which can be provided via an enquiry to  Uniqu does not guarantee any limit of liability, and customers must be prepared to pay for the full time spent by our engineers in resolving issues caused by the use of third party systems or software.

Ample provision is made via various payment systems and methods (Credit card/PayPal, Direct Debit using GoCardless, BACS/CHAPS, etc.) for invoices to be settled within the due period.  Where any payment is not received within the due period, Uniqu reserves the right to charge statutory interest calculated on a daily basis from the date that payment becomes overdue.  This is currently 8% plus the Bank of England base rate. We also reserve the right to reclaim from customers any applicable debt recovery fees at the standard rates sanctioned in UK law.  Please note that we do not accept cheques for payment of services.

Where services have been temporarily halted as a result of exceptionally late payment or no payment of one or more outstanding invoice(s), a reinstatement fee equal to 1/6 of each unpaid service period shall be charged for each affected service which must be settled before services will be resumed.

Upon receipt of any invoice, the customer accepts the validity of the invoice if no queries are raised with Uniqu within the first ten (10) days of the date of that invoice.


You may terminate your service at any time.  Here’s how it works:

  • We require 30 days notice for termination of any hosting account, virtual server or physical server.
  • For any third-party software subscriptions which we purchase, renew and/or manage on your behalf, we require 60 days notice of termination.
  • For domain name registrations which we purchase, renew and/or manage on your behalf, we require 60 days notice of termination.

In respect of the above, no credits will be given for:

  • hosting accounts, virtual servers or physical server support where the termination date (the date of notice plus 30 days) falls within the last 30 days of the current service period.
  • Third-party software subscriptions in any circumstance.
  • Domain name registrations in any circumstance.

For hosting accounts, virtual servers and physical servers where the termination date extends beyond the current service period, a final account invoice will be issued which covers 1 month of additional service.  This must be settled within 10 business days or the hosting account may be terminated without warning.

All services listed above may require a final settlement invoice to be paid by the customer, and the customer accepts their responsibility to pay this by the due date on that invoice.  The customer accepts that Uniqu, after receiving a termination notice from the customer, will make all reasonable efforts to promptly terminate services provided by a third-party supplier.  The customer accepts that they are responsible for settlement of final payments with respect to a third-party supplier’s services.

Credits will only be given for whole months of service unused after the termination date.

Credits will be issued if requested within 60 days of the termination date and any settlement will be made within 90 days.

Termination requests must be sent by the nominated billing contact of the customer, by email, from the domain name used by the customer for correspondence with Uniqu.  If this is not possible, Uniqu will require written confirmation of termination on letter-headed paper signed by an officer of the customer’s registered company.

The above terms are subject to, and part of, our overall terms of business which you can find links to on this page.

Last updated 27 October 2017

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