Compelling Collateral

Marketing material to be proud of

Creating The Want To Have

Marketing collateral is more than a few pretty pictures and some copy text.  It’s aim is to symbolise everything about your offering, and to become the embodiment of your prospect’s “want to have”.

Creating the want to have is about positioning yourself to be accessible, approachable, but also desirable and thus at a little distance.  The tantalisingly “so close you can touch it”.

Or at least, you can touch a representation of it.  🙂

Services we provide

Marketing collateral is a fairly broad term, so here is list of typical creative outcomes we can produce for you:

  • Copy writing (e.g. for web content, brochures)
  • Event roller banners, banner stands and pop up displays
  • Sales brochures
  • Product data sheets
  • Promotional imagery
  • Visual aids for use in sales presentations
  • White papers

Commonly we are asked to assist in the production of website copy.  This is tremendously useful when designing a website, as being able to influence the entire end product means the two worlds of design and content are considered hand-in-hand, rather than having one made to fit the other.

Specific or Generic?

The purposes of marketing collateral are varied.  It can be for a one-off event, or for more general use – such as for general mailing list duties.  But it should always suit the purpose.

conveying your intention will save time

The correct use of collateral will save time and provide a prospect with the context needed to pursue a discussion with you.  Inevitably, some of your marketing efforts may go unanswered – this is the reality.  But conveying the right message can help set the tone for a future relationship based on your value proposition.

Knowing your value proposition will also guide discourse with other prospects who have not received such marketing.

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