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Bespoke Web Solutions

Bespoke web development extends solutions such as WordPress or another Open Source web platform, and provides functionality not found elsewhere.  Commonly, a bespoke solution will utilise some programmatic element at “our end” (that is, in your hosting environment) and perhaps interface with a third party, via their API.

How to recognise the need for custom development

If, like many people, you have a website based on WordPress, a lot of development is achievable without a developer digging into PHP code and crafting a solution for you.  Many WordPress plug-ins provide sufficient programmatic capability to achieve the net result.

solutions that are the perfect fit for your needs

Where you may need development assistance is when you seek to do something custom which is beyond the capabilities of your website plug-ins.  This is where we can help.  For example, if you wish to provide a feature on your website that retrieves details from a third party, but no plug-in or other code exists to perform that, custom web development will be required.

Benefit from our holistic systems knowledge

Uniqu is not just a web development “shop”.  We don’t just “bang out” WordPress sites like some over-priced competitors.  We take care to ensure our solutions are the perfect fit for your needs, and that they have longevity.

You put your faith in us to deliver.  We want to repay that faith commercially, and in kind.

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