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Once upon a time, before the dot com boom in the gold rush days of the internet, setting up as an online merchant was fraught with danger.  Shopping cart solutions barely existed, transaction fees were high, browser support was in many ways harder than today, site reliability was questionable and there was the mighty Amazon to compete with.

Fortunately, nearly all those problems have been solved! 😉

Uptime is money

Today, a solid commerce environment can be yours for relatively little outlay.  “Off-the-shelf” components like WooCommerce can turn a WordPress site into a fully-fledged shopping cart solution.  WooCommerce, along with OpenCart and Magento, back many online shopping experiences.

But functionality can often come at a price, and that price is substandard performance.  A website with all the bells and whistles is no good if it can’t stay online.  This is why we provide a uniquely valuable service amongst our web development competition:  we will fix whatever they got wrong, and host the site for you too.

In other words, not only are we competent enough to pick up someone else’s code and optimise it, but we are prepared to back this up with sensible hosting & full support.

We will get you up and running, and keep you up and running.

Beyond growth

The benefits of using a trusted developer to host your site are clear: not only can we ensure development quality rigorously ensured, but we are also able to combine our platforms knowledge with unique insights into the code behind the scenes, ensuring we make a perfect match of software and hardware.

When your site grows, you will need a hosting platform that is scalable too.  We can scale horizontally (more resources per server, more servers per activity) and vertically (more separation and stages of processing and storage), without restraint.  What might start as a one-server site, handling several hundred £k worth of transactions, might end up as a slick, 7 machine, load-balanced, optimised and redundant super-stack.  And like your business, it could go a lot further than that.

Uniqu is your trusted partner to deliver the next level of integrated development and support.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and aspirations for growing your online business.

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