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WordPress is almost synonymous with independently published websites.  It provides ample functionality, a now-stable and reasonably secure platform base, and the option for extension through third-party modules (a.k.a. “plug-ins”) and bespoke development options.

A cost-effective entry level

Due to its ubiquity, WordPress offers a lot of functionality for very little cost.  You might argue that WordPress is free of cost, but this is only true if you are setting it up yourself, or if it comes as part of a hosting package.

essential functionality that keeps the web open

WordPress nevertheless offers a lot, for very little.  It can be extended into a full-blown eCommerce, shopping-cart system, provide forum functionality, provide automatic publishing options, user management, access to media, not to mention  and be a significant part of an world wide web of independent authors and publishers – better known as the IndieWeb.

Being free, open source software, is the icing on the cake.  WordPress has the double-benefit of being extremely well known, well-supported, and yet upholds all the virtues of the free software model, providing security, transparency and business continuity in one neat package!

The bigger picture of cost & freedom

With the threat of a closed-off web model, embodied especially by the largest Silicon Valley operators, the cost effectiveness of WordPress can be considered one of its greatest qualities.  In keeping the web open and free from commercial interests, free software such as WordPress helps to serve the interests of millions of businesses globally, without requiring them to comply with another provider’s contentious, even disingenuous terms.

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