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Uniqu provides hosting services suited to anyone, from entry-level “just getting started” entrepreneur, to full enterprise capability – and anything in-between.

Start with a stable core

Good hosting always starts with a stable core.  Time-proven, open source software runs our entire hosting infrastructure, providing the resilience, performance and scalability needed for today’s websites and high-speed, peak-load connectivity.  Since the birth of the web, web pages have needed somewhere to live. Far and away the most popular and arguably most robust solution, is a Linux server running Apache, MySQL and PHP – the four main ingredients of flexible, modern web hosting. This is commonly referred to as the “LAMP stack” – (L)inux/(A)pache/(M)ySQL/(P)HP!

Reliable and performant

Solutions powered by LAMP technology are extremely cost-effective. An example of this is where you may wish to serve the same database content through a variety of brands / web sites. Proprietary software vendors might have made this complicated in the bad old days, but LAMP’s popularity and prominence are due to its flexibility in this regard; you can easily “glue” together apparently disparate parts of a system to build your solution.

Flexible and secure

Out of the box, Linux-based systems provide an extremely flexible yet secure environment for your web site. You are free to install open source software which can power your business marketing communications, file-sharing and collaboration software offer a more effective office environment, and effective anti-spam and firewall filtering keeps the cruft out of the way, allowing you to stay focused on the task in hand.

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